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Once upon a time a Woman

Once upon a time a woman who had inside her a girl. The girl wanted to be a mother and wife, respected and live happily in her dreams surrounded by children and love. The woman was addicted to CSI and craved affection, understanding, sharing. Had the silent scream in her throat with secrets not revealed, the riots that quietly accumulated.  Lived other addictions such as the set of solutions. Was so constantly that developed conditioned reflex looking for answers before the questions are asked. Analyzed all the information fell from the ceiling and joined puzzle pieces that jump out of closets open in front of her. The girl lived distressed by the guilt he felt by parents argue endlessly, “the father shouted to my mother because I haven’t eaten rice.” The woman was looking for, without encountering, her winged Knight able to make her feel loved, desired, admired, confident and only Muse. Needed to feel safe of affections to drop their more intimate wishes and share them by entire invitation. Looking for a love bigger than everything, that could live free of prejudices, of hidden secrets, arrested by the sharing of fetishes to desire. With this searches she offered herself by the Christmas covered in gold, frankincense and myrrh to a helmsman who was unable to hold her steady, or navigate her intuitively. While reserves were exhausted she lived in the illusion of the dream come true. But the route that she drew in her solutions map, entered into the raging sea turning the boat broken if buried in the mud, after dropping the helmsman. The girl also was looking for… Looking for LEGO pieces that fit perfectly to form a single piece, unbreakable and cohesive in the face of the misery in the world. Neither girl or woman managed to achieve objectives. For the time being. Left dressed in green towards other quieter seas aboard a canoe.


Ilia Mar

Sandra Teixeira

restless mind 
socially responsible 
politically incorrect


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