Deliver me tonight

iliamar/ October 7, 2016/ Love Stories/ 1 comments

photo-1444253324313-0dce942d572cDeliver me tonight. Subtract me at dawn. I promise to keep large glass of gin to mask wait until the time comes. And when the time comes both of us will know, a look, and just let us know it’s time to set sail and fly. It will be a time for you to give me laugh and I will give you the light that will make divine the moment beyond the sample. After that we will run rampant down flowery slopes and reach the clouds be full of beautiful and unique aurora borealis expecting a greater love to show and delight everyone. And without perceiving we will hold on the time and we will frame the sentiment forever.
And we’ll only realize its size when going from moment to memory.


Ilia Mar

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