The man, the animal and the beast

iliamar/ October 6, 2016/ Men and Women/ 3 comments


What distinguishes man from beast is precisely how they feel by women and what they are able to make women feel.  So there are various types of men and various kinds of animals.  There are men who love, who fall in love, who like the Woman. And some men just like women. The difference comes precisely in a differentiated manner as one and the other guy can do the women around them feel although both enjoy them. The first guy gets to make feel fat and ugly woman a goddess, the second can make beautiful and handsome women feel like crap.  There are also those who don’t like women, some because they are homosexuals other because they are just irrational. Some homosexuals hate women because it is with these that often have to compete for the hearts of other men, others just because they envy its form and content. Nevertheless we can also find homosexuals who still love women, because they admire deeply the female model who would like to be, others who sympathize with their manners and defects as sensitive friends who fall for them even without the wish as men. Then there are the men who claim to be real males (I just don’t know what specie) who hates women. Those consciously or unconsciously, consider them disregarding them. They usually define them as parts of cars, or sports or war material or kitchen equipment, depriving them of feeling or destroying their feelings and self-esteem constantly and without blushing or regret. These are the real animals species set, defined as egocentric, wild animals, some predators and cannibalistic in disguise. So my friends have very carefully with this kind of mindless animal if you hear from them any comparison of yourself to any type of equipment or material referred to before-even if the positive way, run fast and well while you can, because they are more destructive and often they place painful traps to their prey when these drop guards.

Ilia Mar


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