Poetry and Prose

Do not be content with a beautiful woman who laughs at people and smiles at things, you never know when an even prettier woman awaits you, those who smile at people and laugh at things. When you find one of these do not let her run away for anything, and if necessary go swimming. By sea by land or air, protect yourself from the waves, but follow her, follow her with your eyes, plunge into her air, and if you miss yours, the breeze that emanates from her will make you return to Safe land, like a weary ship who was denied the almost certain shipwreck before arrival at the nearest pier. In the other hand you will find a good handful of the other good girls, so good but so good, that the fact that there are such good girls – such ones – bores them all over, laughing out loud and breaking the veneer around the corner.

Ilia Mar


I was smoking the last cigarette when you showed up
Alone in large step,
With tight heart expression
And hot head
I did not recognize you at first glance
But when yours hit my
I was no longer able to divert him
Hypnotized by the emerald glow
That also emanated from them
I followed your steps
Until you got to me
Determined, decided
Like nothing and nobody
Could now avoid the now
The already I looked forward to it.
The beginning that I have dreamed a lot.
And as if from a dream it was
You acted as if you expected me
There waiting for Love
Or Life happen.
The long hug
The wet kiss
Endless and sweet
Like hot coffee
To which caffeine was added
It made us shudder without cold
And heat without fire and hot
So that we could not wait for the night that awaited us
Bringing us the delights that were being prepared.
We savored for long hours
The moment
We record in huge memories
The feelings
And as one who discredits death
We remain static
Stroking hair
And breathing in a coordinately and gently way
La Bella Vita that introduced us to the way.

Ilia Mar


“I know now
I’m better sleeping on my own”

Now that I know
I should never throw my brain away.
Now that I know
I should be better with my words, my songs, my art …
Enjoying My Own

Now that I know
I should never change into the White Snow of your dreams.
Nor become Tinker Bell of my
Because you’re not Peter Pan
Neither this is Neverland

And as much as I think
I can not follow the path to the land of dreams
At least at this moment
I have several of them to perform
In your land of opportunity
Where I just arrived
Full of true fairy tales
To live and be loved
For now on
As the years pass

Ilia Mar

love yourself lirycs

Justin Bieber


From the beginning of the day
‘till the ending of the night
From Monday through Sunday
I think of you
I can even smell you
It’s not a colored thought
But is so clearly backlit
That I can even caress your lips
Sense your hair between my fingers
Breath pleasantly your neck
Lick sweetly your ear lobe
And finish the Black & White movie
As a beginning of a new colored world
Where thoughts are not only thoughts
And where great ideas turn out ever in happy The End’s

Ilia Mar



Dear #SantaClaus, this year bring me who inspires me but also those who breathe me.
Draw near to me only those who are not afraid of love.
Only those who are able to inspire by word and gesture an uneasy creative soul that returns shimmer-like figures back in their turn.
Who can put in each caress an open rainbow, in the depths of a warm and country breeze.
Who can achieve to bring the sea to the land without taste to salt and war.
May he take me to the sky of his mouth as one who leads angels to hell.
And who brings me breakfast to bed as if the day would never end.
Let him breathe me when I get up, in the middle of the journey, when I get home, when I go to bed.
And can not wait to the next day to tell me that he loves me.
And that needs me, to fall asleep serene and warm this winter and the following, and the following, and the following.
But please, Santa Claus, make it soft and delicate and with a big bow, a large step, and that waits for me hungry as if waiting for the arrival of the take away in the lobby, to lead me in arms through the end of the world.
But, my dear Santa Claus, if you think that I have not done so well this year, in order to deserve so much, you can take away the step that I will try to make him trample mine and we will reach many before the end of it.

Ilia Mar



In a very dark night
when only the north star bright
Could be seen
I went to the garden
To get my thoughts arranged
To separate the issues from brain
To heart
From thought
To Breath
From breast
to head
While the smoke from my mouth
went away
I sent as well my brain, my head and my thought
And kept my heart breathing from breast
and capable of flying away
or only stay
melted by the bright of the north star
shining through that deeply dark sky
Above our brains, heads, thoughts and smoke

Ilia Mar

When I was young I wanted to be a teacher

When I grew up I just wish to be a witch

A peaceful witch

Who will do little tricks to people

To get them feeling well

To bet they will not get their soul sold

For a pair of coins

And a piece of toys

To bring them joy

And join them

As a fairy with no wings

Flying from a blue sky

and diving into a green river

That will drive them to the beginning

Of a new crystal era

which should take no more than a bit of time

To put us all together

Chasing the same goals

Reaching the same wishes

Dreaming about peaceful witches

And fairies of lakes without wings to fly away

Hence they will forever stay


Ilia Mar

Tomorrow when I’ll wake up for the next day
There will be another woman waiting for me in the shower
She will wash my face, my breast, my arms, my legs, my feet
In a gentle way
In a way that will make followers scramble and shake
In a way that will make me dream all the path to heaven apart from an earth
Where bad guys will not take place
Neither they will take the hope away from sad and deep pale girls
Tomorrow when the sun burn
It will bring with it nice feelings and only great dreams of peace and love for every human being
Tomorrow when the wind blow it will pick up all flowers and leaves that remain in the undressed trees
to make a wonderful symphony in the air without hard notes that could pull them away
Tomorrow when kids will walk for school they will have no fear of being kidnaped
Neither they will be scared of crime or of the lost of faith
Only because tomorrow will be the day after today

Ilia Mar

Today I dressed myself to be undress by you,
Take away my shirt
Drop down my skirt
Pull out my underwear
And come up with a great feeling of hell
In a well-being way
Of beginning a wonderful day
In a mean that nobody can tell
If there is day or night time
Because we will be losing the watch of live
And our heads will be lost between clothes
That will lay on the floor like an empty bottle
from which the liquid was took without pulling the cork above it

Ilia Mar



Once upon a time a tired, tired man, that was more excited than hell went trough a forest full of large trees and plenty of water from seas.

As the night goes deep the tired, so tired man just get out of that wonderful forest and find a beautiful girl laying down in an waterfall bed, with more curves than waves since the river was really quiet behind them. And once he was more tired than excited just lay there with her, hearing the waves coming out from the pearl she had between legs and get a great turbid vision of paradise in earth without sky that claim for an unexpected feeling of water coming out from an open mouth of surprise.

Ilia Mar



While friday is not night

While tomorrow is not enough,

I will spread in this vast and desert Beach

words that could be syllables.

Aligned and nestled in your lap warm,

so that you can knit them in silk ribbons

on the fireplace in the coming winter.

You know that word you fear,

on my lips was often spelled so that you could memorize it

And you could spill it in all your moments of silence and greater loneliness

And to not forget that I chose you

and for you I uncheck me constantly and regularly

until you decide to occupy more than thoughts

and don’t diminish to braid the silks

until left not a glimmer of regret

and remains only feeling.

While Friday is not night,

I will draw with your long eyelashes,

letters and phonemes, and …

sweet pancakes with berries and Goji berry enough to taste

so never oxidize the metaphors with which I will reward you if you get to me.

I promise you creativity

if you promise me reciprocity in laughter and guffaws clean and clear

that come out to play drums in celebration,

above the mountains of our contentment.

Dreaming is good

While dreaming I take what I need.


Ilia Mar



Keep Calm Stay Gold

 How could I stay gold
If the discolored told not
Makes me less than silver,
much less than copper
or perhaps even colder

How could I keep calm
If the street is full of yellow
And in mine remains the sorrow
the pain and an empty ocean
overflowing unspoken words
that talk about felt not emotion

Ilia Mar



Thing Unknown

I don’t even have
a single photo with you
Did you really passed trough my life?
Or did I dreamed it by day and night?
Can i achieve to know
why was your seed the one
That made me come and grow
with this kind of soul
and the secret alchemy
that made me like a Fay
living in a crazy world
that from times ago
putted me into a jail
quiet and bright one
to seem like a gold
thing unknown
Ilia Mar
Nothing was missing

There was a garden on a balcony

Had a Holly awaiting Christmas

there was a minimal framework

where evil wouldn’t go in

was a void in the heart

a love craving

incompleteness made

there was a short on enthusiasm

briefly safe

Had a clown on the stairs

A juggler in beams

some trained animals dancing

and also two Angels without wings

Had a mind full of little nothings

Waiting at the pier the ship

that would embark on many

There was will

There was true

There was brotherhood

and from what there was

nothing was missing

Ilia Mar