We must always relate the economic and social growth of the nations as a result of the ability to circulate the money that they deem. And as for me, the biggest problem of the budget crisis in the last few years has precisely to do with the inability to circulate it, together with an excessive capacity to retain it. Much remained in the hands of governments, bosses, CEOs and Directors, and little in the hands of the workers, who were trapped in low wages, which with the increase of unemployment ended up lowering even more and creating situations of weakness for those looking for a job and forcing business to Who offered it. If we consider 3 the main economic forces: consumption, savings and production. We can observe that what happened in the last crisis we are experiencing was linked to a greater strength of savings (by the classes with this capacity, frightened that they were with the reduction of their production, because the savers are usually the owners of the means of Production, and consequently the loss of income), and a less strong force on the consumption side, which for the reasons explained above has been kept short and breathless. In these circumstances we enter into vicious cycles of less consumption, less production, more savings, less consumption, less production, ... Leaving this type of negative spiral can only be achieved through the inversion of one of the forces that energize the economy downwards and cause it to circulate in Competitive factors that should not be considered, such as low wages and low investment. Reversing the sustainability of competitiveness for factors of differentiation that go far beyond low wages that again start negative spiral of less wages, less motivation, less productivity, higher production costs, higher prices, reduced sales, reduced production. So in my opinion, which I have written about balance several times, and I have several theories applicable to this imbalance in which we incur, or we energize inversely the forces that sustain us below, or we will irremediably give points to more promising economies that have already realized What forces and energies pull up and do not appeal to those who hold them down. In my recent stay in the country of opportunity I have been able to perceive precisely this in different situations. In the Uncle Sam nation, there are two types of energy that promote money circulation that escape the tax burden but maintain consumption levels that can keep economies and their products always up, with the market in self-equilibrium. They are THE TIP and TO PIT, some energize the economic growth positively, the others put a brake on the unconscious enthusiasm.

ILia Mar



The Girl on the Train

The girl on the train keeps thinking of new things. 

Things to make easier the lives of boys and girls who also are on the train.

The first thing in her mind is the night, the night that never finished the day that begins in a hurry. 

So worried she was that she couldn't remember her ticket to ride, and so she thought, why doesn't the help come from the phone? 

Why doesn't the code for the train be kept in a pocket and locked? 

The app should be named "the path in your hand" and kept on your money to ride as in an airplane. 

If you understand, you must start the challenge,

just never forget that the desire from the girl on the train is to give tomorrow the seed from this money earned today to feed all the world in the name of faith.

ILia Mar

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